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SimpleMagnifier is a powerful, easy to use computer screen magnifier. Featuring magnify zoom levels up to 10x within a moveable and sizeable lens window, SimpleMagnifier helps you see web pages, e-mail, pictures, icons, and more. Choose to have the lens show what's under your SimpleMagnifier, or use "Lock" mode to keep the magnified area in place. Features: + Easy to use main menu with hot keys supportin + Set magnifier levels from 2x all the way up to 10x. + Click and drag the lens to move it anywhere on screen. + Lock the lens window so the magnified area stays put. + Copyng to clipboard and preview magnifyed area of the screen. + Saving magnified area of the screen to BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, WMF and EMF file. + Select from 3 lens window sizes (small, normal and large). + Select from 4 crosshair styles (simple, frame, full or none). + Select refresh period of the lens window according performance of your computer (50 - 300 ms). + Integrated color picker support RGB and HTML formas of the colors and selection history! + Copying to clipboard selected color as 25x25 pixels rectangle. + Distibutive include an auto uninstaller.

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